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Math chaos patterns (MCP), version 2.5

Copyright 2019-2021 Dmitry Belov. All rights reserved.

New features in version 2.5:

1. New user interface to support multiple monitors and to simplify working with parameters.

2. Option to dump all rendered images in a folder so then the images can be imported into a video editor.

3. Support of vector fields.

4. Performance monitor.

5. Logging major operations and performance counters.

Check out the manual for details (comes as part of installation, click "Help..." in main menu of the app).

System requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 10, or later with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 or later.

Apple users please check this article.

Linux users please check this article.

To download MCP 2.5 click here.  Please, read installation instructions from here.

After the installation please check out three tutorials "Cells", "IllusionOfDepth", and "LifeOfATree" in folder Tutorials located where the app is installed; just load parameters from each corresponding folder and hit F5.

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