Generative art software inspired by math modeling of collective behavior with potential applications in digital art, video games, graphic design, web design, and architecture.

Create unique visuals: images, backgrounds, textures, effects, and animations. This software can be easily integrated with Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Autodesk 3ds Max.

Imagine a flock of live brushes on your canvas. You set their initial locations and directions of walk, mark a speed limit, tell them how to behave with each other, select a rule to pick colors for each step, and, finally, let them walk over your canvas. What will you see as a result? It may look like this background, or these videos, or images in the gallery below, or something entirely different. The result is only limited by your imagination.

With this software you can control thousands of brushes on a digital canvas.  It is a visual programming environment, where you do not need to write any code.  To control brushes, use parameters and special maps - images with color coded areas, where each pixel may trigger a code changing direction, speed, transparency, and other parameters of passing brushes.

Math chaos patterns (MCP) was presented at SIGGRAPH2020.

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A tree of air & light
Sunset labyrinth
Life of a tree
Rabbit hole
Storm in the Matrix
Star wanderers
Central core
Impact area
The matrix fall
Blue hub
Space frame
City skyline
Chaos vs Order
Little Buddha
Illusion of depth
Bounded trees
From chaos to order and back
Sleeping beauty
Hiding the light
Dancing lights
Fall feel
Easter egg
Random search
Deep in grass
Psychedelic forest
Broken darkness
Big Apple
Starry night
Love in every stitch
Deja Vu
Apple for Android
Matrix dandelions
Fuzzy apple
Slayed dragon
Philadelphia eagle
Neon city
Escher grid
Psychedelic heart